Sanya Seven Ray Golf Management Co., Ltd.

Seven Ray Golf Management Company has established itself through years of experience and practice, with a team of dozens of domestic and international senior golf management professionals with expertise in course building, construction management, course maintenance, golf operation, caddie training, human resources, marketing and sales, and clubhouse management. Focusing on only what we do best, Seven Ray is committed to deliver results that provide consistency across different stages. A golf course project consists of upper, middle and lower stages – upstream being the initiation, program and planning; midstream the construction phase; and downstream the operation management of the project.

Seven Ray does not take on everything encompassed in a golf course project; instead we focus on only the upstream and downstream business. At the upstream, we provide investment consultancy service to investors. Starting from supplying ideas, we help investors to analyze and rationalize project development plans, making sure the project is handled by qualified professionals at all stages. Whereas at the downstream, Seven Ray selects a limited number of courses for management practice. We sign Management Objective Contract of 3-5 years with investors, committed to hand over an established and stable course management workforce as well as a professional and formalized course management model...

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